How To: Use Landscape Mode on MyBlindCo App (iPad Version)

How To Use Landscape Mode on MyBlindCo App (iPad Version)

  • Open the Settings app on your iPad.
  • On the main menu on the very left side of your screen, click the Home Screen & Multitasking tab.
  • At the bottom of this tab, click on Stage Manager.
  • Toggle the Use Stage Manager on iPad button on (it is green when it is on, grey when it is off).
  • You are all set! From here on, when you flip your iPad from vertical to horizontal, your MyBlindCo app will move with you!

If you enjoyed this article about how use landscape mode for the MyBlindCo app (iPad version), you may benefit from our user guide teaching installers how to effectively use the MyBlindCo app.

How to: Use MyBlindCo on the App – For Installers

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