How To: Send Purchase Order to Manufacturer

How To: Send POs to Manufacturers in MyBlindCo

In this tutorial, Audra McGrath goes over our updated & streamlined process for how to send Purchase Orders directly to manufacturers. This makes it easy to change the address your shipment will be sent to, if you wanted to send the package to the customer’s home, or any other alternative location.

  • In the Orders tab, locate the order you wish to convert into a Purchase Order.
  • Click Action, then View
  • Toggle on the Order Review button at the top of the screen (the button will turn green when it is on).
  • Click the Generate PO button.
  • To the right, you will see a button that says ‘Send to MFG’.
    • If the manufacturer of the products on your PO is an EDI enabled manufacturer, this button will allow you to electronically send your purchase order directly to the manufacturer.
    • If the manufacturer is not EDI enabled and you need to send the PO to their customer service, this button will bring up a PDF of the purchase order which gets emailed to the manufacturer.

If you found this article about how to send Purchase Orders directly to manufacturers to be helpful, you may benefit from our article about how to change the Ship To Location:

How To: Change Ship To Location

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